Cassien Info

Getting to Cassien

By Car

Lac de st Cassien is located in the VAR region, about 30 minutes drive from the south coast. Toll roads from Calais are easy to navigate and usually free from the endless traffic jams that we suffer in the UK. From Calais the journey will take approximately 11-12 hours, there are numerous services in which to stretch your legs and get some food along the way and some great sights. My favorite part of the journey is along the River at Lyon, I will have to fish that river one day but that’s another story. Once you leave the toll roads everything slows down and you will soon find yourself staring at the South arm. By the time you get on the bridge you will not know where to look! The vastness of the North arm on your right and the central basin on your left. Then continuing along the windy road catching glimpses of the West arm as you head towards base camp. Another 10 minutes and you are there.

By Plane

If you choose to fly into Nice international airport I will be there to meet you, we will quickly be in Thunderbird One(my Defender) and on our way to base camp via the lake. Depending on your flight time a stop at one of the lake side restauraunts is usually in order to get a look at the lake and generally talk Carpy stuff and the plan of attack for your stay. On to base camp for some preparation and then we are good to go fishing.

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